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Water Status

10/17/2014  8:16 am

We have been told that natural flow in Bishop Creek has dropped to 7 – 10 cfs.  Supplementing 10 to 12 out of Sabrina to have around 20 cfs at Plant 6.  Right now this is what we expect through the end of the year.


10/16/2014   1:55 pm

The flow at Plant 6 has dropped to 20 CFS.  We are in contact with Edison


10/08/2014  2:00 pm

We have been advised that SCE will be lowering the flows at plant 6 to 30 cfs.  Adjustments are being made in the system but many ditches will be going dry.


10/07/2014    8:20 am

The flow at Plant 6 have dropped to around 40 cfs


09/17/2014  8:30 am

We are working on getting more flow into South Indian

09/16/2014  3:37 pm

Flow down Bishop Creek has come up but very slowly.  This has caused a delay in getting the ditches balanced.



Last night the flow on Bishop Creek decreased to around 35 cfs. Flows in the system have been impacted accordingly.  We’ve been told this is a temporary situation and that flows will come back up to mid to high 40’s today.


There has been a sharp decrease in flow in Bishop Creek in the last few days.  We do not know why. Flows are expected to come up gradually but to what level is uncertain.   09/12/2014 Adjustments in flows outside our control have been made which have affected the flows in the ditches on the south side of line street.  We are working on bringing the system back to balance flows.   09/08/2014 46 cfs was the most recent reading at Plant 6.  We expect flows to continue to drop as the days go by.

Flows at Plant 6 have dropped below 50 cfs. This will affect our ability to distribute water throughout the system.  Our priority are the members who have wells.  We are doing our best with the water we have.  If there are any questions, please send an email or call the water master, Clay Boyd at 760-920-7981


Yesterday the CFS at Plant 6 went from the low 50s to the low 80s.  You may have noticed an increase in flow in your ditches.  The reason for the increase is an “event” that occurred in the high country above North Lake creating a flow of water into North Lake.  Burt Almond saw a similar event occur in 1977.  As there are no controls on North Lake, this increase flow has caused Bishop Creek to rise.  The increase will be temporary, with flows in Bishop Creek dropping to the low 50s – high 40s soon.


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